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One Mann's Opinion
What the Mets Mean to Me
(Created Oct. 29,2000)

Yeah I’m a disappointed Mets fan. Not just because they lost they lost the World Series but that they lost to the Yankees! Tomorrow at work I have to eat my pride and wear a Yankee cap and jersey all day. You see, I lost a bet to a co-worker and now I have to walk around all day wearing the hated Yankee blue with the interlocked NY.

But I think what’s depressing me more is a feeling that my views on baseball and life are somehow becoming passe. I’m convinced that the growing number of Yankee fans is a harbinger of a national conservative bent that will sweep George W. into office.

I was a child of the 60’s as were the Mets. I learned that “liberal” was a good word. Our mantra was “Power to the People” not the rich or multinational corporations. Government was designed to be a safety net for the socially, economically or physically disadvantaged. Women have equal rights including choosing what is right for their own body. State sanctioned killing in the form of Capital Punishment is still killing and does not reduce the murder rate. The Environment should be protected and not used as a playground or dumping ground for special interests.Most of all, we felt that miracles were possible. The ‘69 Mets exemplified this feeling.

The Mets were also a bit anti-establishment. They were the team that you loved not because they always won but because they rarely won. You were a Mets fan out of passion. Only the Mets could have a rallying cry of “You Gotta Believe!” Who else but a Mets fan could get a rush from a stadium built on a swamp with the main auditory attraction being jet engines and Jane Jarvis on the organ?

We never had the tradition or history of the Yankees with the 25 now 26 championships. Sure we had ’69 and ’86 and some success in ’73, ’88 and now ’00. In between, we were the lovable losers or the “Worst Team Money Could Buy”. We had to live through the Madness in ’77 when they traded the Franchise (aka Tom Seaver) that led to 6 years of losing baseball and new ownership. Somehow, we survived the early ‘90s when we didn’t resign Darryl and traded away fan favorites Lenny Dykstra and Roger McDowell for Juan Samuel.

Then of course there was the trade of David Cone for Jeff Kent. Kent never made it with the Mets and was traded along with Jose Vizcaino to Cleveland for another over the hill washout in Carlos Baerga. Then we had to watch as Kent become a star with the Giants. The final indignity was watching former Mets Cone, Lee Mazzilli, Joe Torre, Don Zimmer, Jose Vizcaino, Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry (if he had stayed drug-free) as members of the Yankees beating us in the World Series!

We never had a Murderer’s Row with Ruth and Gehrig or a Mantle or a DiMaggio. How many movies or songs have been written about the Mets? Could you imagine Simon and Garfunkle ever writing lyrics such as “Where have you gone Ed Charles, a Nation turns it lonely eyes to you”? Can you picture Gary Cooper in “The Pride of the Mets”? Although Billy Crystal, a noted Yankee fan, did wear a Mets cap in “City Slickers”!

The Yankees were the team of the ‘50’s and now the late 90’s. They symbolize the conservative, trickle down nature of both eras. Government should not get in the way of the rich and powerful. Let’s not protect Social Security and Medicare but make sure we give tax breaks to the top 1%. Rich people will then spend more and the economy will grow. No salary cap so the Yankees can outspend every other team. Surely this must be good for all of major league baseball if the Yankees win every year?

Well anyway, I’ll keep the faith both with my ideals and the Mets. I now know what Brooklyn Dodger fans went through. As they used to say “Wait till next year!”   

Well it's only One Mann's Opinion!

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